Prenatal + Postnatal Yoga (60 Min)
AUG 03, 1 - 2am MDT

Practice in the comfort of your own home. This class has been carefully and specifically designed to support the ever changing needs of pregnancy and postpartum. Practice breathing, movement & mindfulness while connecting to your growing baby and then your body in postpartum. Each class will include yoga asana (postures) for strength, flexibilty, mobility & stability. Each class will also include meditation, physical movement & restorative postures to support your body & mind. Join me to reduce stress, reduce pain and connect with a community of other Mothers.

Recommended Props: chair, access to a wall, yoga blocks (only if you have them), a strap, pillow or bolster, blanket.

I will sign on 10 minutes early for questions & connection. Don’t worry if you can’t make the class live. Prenatal + Postnatal Yoga is recorded and sent out to you following our practice. It will be available for 2 weeks.

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